Back Pain, Sciatica, Sinus and Allergies

I began seeing Doctor Porvaznik six years ago. And instead of feeling that much older, I feel at least six years younger. My lower back pain is gone and my core muscles are stronger, so I no longer slouch. My frequent sinus headaches disappeared and my allergies subsided. Sciatica attacks plague me no more. No antibiotics, no analgesics,    no surgical intervention, no pain, just better overall health, thanks to Dr. P.

Nancy T.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Porvaznik on and off for about 15 years.  He has treated me for various musculoskeletal issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain.  His treatment has kept me functioning well in life.  I keep going to see him because he is a healer in the true sense of the word, one that is compassionate and caring.  He listens to what I say about my health and what is going on in my life.  He treats me with respect, gentleness and humor.  He also does not stand still in his own personal growth and is always studying and learning about new techniques so that he can help his patients even more.  I am grateful to be his patient.

Mary M.

Migraine Headache and Carpel Tunnel

Dr. Porvaznik is a compassionate and skilled healer. He is a doctor who listens carefully  and always takes the time needed to treat a patient completely without rushing them out the door. He has been instrumental in facilitating structural changes necessary in my head and neck. I used to get six to eight migraines a month. Now, I only get one every few months! As a bonus, since he treats the whole person, my carpel tunnel pain has disappeared and has not returned. I highly recommend him, Dr. Porvaznik’s treatments are gentle, yet profound in results.

Elizabeth S.

Migraine Headache

I have had migraine headaches since I was in my early 20’s.  As I got older, I got them more frequently and they became more severe.  Over the years, I tried many traditional and nontraditional treatments, including: chiropractic work, acupuncture, massage, herbs and Western drugs. Some treatments helped but did not significantly reduce the frequency or severity of the headaches.  I saw Dr. Porvaznik twice and my headaches almost disappeared.  I now see him about once every six months or so to remain almost migraine-free. The treatments are deeply relaxing and very healing. I am profoundly grateful that I am able to receive treatments from him.

Judy W.

Patient for Twenty Years

I have been a patient of Dr. Porvaznik’s off and on for about twenty years…

I first began getting treated at the age of 16 after I sustained a severe whiplash injury in a car accident.  After weeks of severe and debilitating pain – I felt almost instant and long lasting improvement after just one treatment!

Several years later, I experienced similar powerful results after being treated for a traumatic head injury sustained after a fall from a horse, a back injury on the ski slopes and a second whiplash injury. In every instance, other physicians gave me strong pain killers and sent me home. They told me I was “fine” and that I would get better in time, but I often experienced long lasting and debilitating symptoms. The only treatment that helped me experience genuine pain relief were Dr. Porvaznik’s treatments. Treatments from Dr. Porvaznik allowed real healing to begin in my body. Occasional “tune up”  treatments keep me almost entirely pain free.

When I became pregnant many years later, my baby remained in a breech position late into my pregnancy. Dr. Porvaznik helped my baby turn head down without painful or surgical intervention. 

Dr. Porvaznik also helped me immensely with breastfeeding difficulties. From the start, I struggled with repeated blocked ducts. These were extremely painful and were negatively impacting the nursing relationship with my daughter. Dr. Porvaznik’s treatments were nothing short of miraculous. Ducts, that had been blocked for days, began to clear within minutes of beginning a treatment. I was able to completely avoid any complications from mastitis and I entirely credit Dr. Porvaznik.

Michael Porvaznik is by far the most caring, compassionate and attentive doctor that I have ever had the privilege to see. I am absolutely a healthier person because of his treatments.


Shoulder Pain

I woke one morning with my right shoulder completely locked up. I was barely able to move my arm or turn my head.   I took a few Advil and expected it to pass.  Over the next few days the pain extended into my right ribcage and began to constrict my breathing.  I had learned recently about Dr. Porvaznik, and that osteopaths work with the musculoskelatal relationship. I called and begged for an appointment. After Dr. Porvaznik treated me the first time, I experienced about a 60% recovery right away and was able to breathe more freely!  I cried with relief and gratitude.  After a few more visits whatever had caused such a painful lock up of my body was resolved. Now, every two months I return for a “tune up”.  I feel its good body maintenance to receive Dr. P’s “magic” touch and to restore the flow of my vital life forces.


Staff Person Perspective

I worked for Dr. Porvaznik, Dr. Mike to some of his youngest patients,  for five years as an office administrator and receptionist.  During that time I had the pleasure of getting to know his many patients and they shared a wide variety of health issues and concerns. I listened and enjoyed hearing about their treatment and observing their progress.  Over time I came to the conclusion that Dr. Porvaznik is one of those rare physicians who is a true healer. He possesses an innate sensitivity and perceptiveness that produces shifts and improvement with the most gentle touch. Dr. Porvaznik holds to his heart the tenant, “First do no harm”.  He listens carefully and treats each patient as a unique person.  He does not rush anyone through an appointment. With his years of experience and results, continuing education, mentoring and teaching of physicians, and his genuine caring, Dr. Porvaznik is the physician that other doctors send their patients to,  and to whom  many patients journey from far distances to consult with and receive treatment.

Barbara Rulf